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Child Custody
(Ellis County, Texas)

Child Custody (Ellis County, Texas)

The Law Office of Lynn G. Winborne represents persons in need of an experienced child custody lawyer in Ellis County, Texas.

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If you are in need of a change in child custody, Lynn Winborne can help!

How will child custody and visitation be determined in Ellis County, Texas?

Texas law presumes that parents should be “Joint Managing Conservators” unless one of the parents is clearly not fit.  While, as joint managing conservators, parents do share much of the decision-making regarding their children, Joint Managing Conservatorship usually does NOT mean that the children will spend equal time with both parents and also usually does NOT mean that no child support will be ordered. When an agreement cannot be reached concerning custody and visitation issues, the judge will use a “best interests of the child” standard to determine who the children should live with and how the visitation will be arranged.

What is the "Kids First" program?

In Ellis County any party in a divorce seeking conservatorship or visitation with the children is required to attend a seminar on divorce and parenting issues before the Court will allow that party to be named a conservator of the child or to have any visitation with the child. The seminar lasts about 4 hours and is scheduled frequently to allow the parties to attend.

Whether you have questions about the custody of the children in your original divorce action or want to attempt to modify a prior child custody determination please feel free to call and set up an appointment to discuss your specific situation and circumstances with an experienced local Ellis County Family Law Attorney.

If you have any questions, or need the assistance of a family law attorney in Ellis County, please contact Lynn Winborne directly at (972) 937-0502.

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